2014 Uehiro Lectures (cont)

Professor Christine M Korsgaard

Professor Christine M. Korsgaard (Arthur Kingsley Porter Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University) 

Series title: Fellow Creatures:  The Moral and Legal Standing of Animals


How should we human beings treat the other animals?  What do we owe to them, if anything?  These are not only questions that we have to address at the legal and political level, but also questions that we all make personal decisions about every day of our lives.  We make them when we decide what to eat, what to wear, what products to use, what medications to take, and how to use land. In these lectures I will raise some fundamental questions about the moral and legal standing of the other animals: about the basis of our moral obligations to them, and what those obligations are, and about whether it makes sense to think that animals might have legal rights.


Lecture 1:  Animals, Human Beings, and Persons
MP3 | Hand-out | Lecture summary by Roger Crisp

Lecture 2: The Moral Standing of Animals
MP3 | Hand-out | Lecture summary by Karamvir Chadha

Lecture 3: The Question of Legal Rights for Animals
MP3 | Hand-out | Lecture summary TBC