YouTube: Savulescu and Wilkinson on the Charlie Gard case

Julian Savulescu argues in favour of, and Dominic Wilkinson against experimental treatment for Charlie Gard.

Julian Savulescu (Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics), argues that Charlie Gard, who suffers from an extremely rare genetic condition called MDDS, should receive the proposed experimental treatment. According to Professor Savulescu, It'd be a reasonable price to pay for a chance of having a life that is worth living. However, there are limits to what babies like Charlie could be subjected to, and there should be a societal debate about what these limits should be.



Dominic Wilkinson (OUC Director of Medical Ethics and Consultant Neonatologist) argues that Charlie Gard should be allowed to die, and that though there surely is disagreement about this case, it is not necessarily 'reasonable' disagreement. He also explains what would be required to change his mind about the case.


Interviewed by Katrien Devolder for the Practical Ethics Channel.