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The ethics of treatment for Charlie Gard: resources for students/media, including legal materials, blogs, articles, YouTube interviews etc

The Charlie Gard Case

The case of Charlie Gard continues to attract intense public attention. It raises a number of challenging and important ethical questions.

The role of Practical Ethics in cases like this is to help clarify the key concepts, identify central ethical questions, separate them from questions of scientific fact and subject arguments to critical scrutiny. We have disagreed about the right course of action for Charlie Gard, but agree on the role of ethical analysis and the importance of robust and informed debate. Ethics is not about personal opinion – but about argument, reasons, and rational reflection.

We have collected together below some of the materials on the Charlie Gard case that we and others have written as well as some relevant resources from our earlier work. Please see our blog post for recent updates (post 19 July).

Legal material on the case


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Relevant background material

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