Placement Record

Placements within Oxford University

Gulzaar BARN:  Wellcome Trust, Society and Ethics Doctoral Studentship

David BIRKS: Research Fellow in Legal and Political Philosophy, University of Oxford

Thomas DOUGLAS (AOS: Applied and Normative Ethics):  Wellcome Trust Research Felllowship, Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford

Thomas DOUGLAS:  Wellcome Trust Investigator Award in Medical Humanities "Neurointerventions in Crime Prevention:  An Ethical Analysis" Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, University of Oxford

Bennett FODDY: Wellcome Trust: Biomedical Ethics Research Fellowship

Guy KAHANE: Wellcome Trust University Award (2009), which establishes a permanent Lectureship in practical ethics at Oxford University (Faculty of Philosophy & Pembroke College). 

Toby ORD: (AOS Normative Ethics; Practical Ethics; Philosophy of Computation) British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship, Balliol College, University of Oxford

Hanna PICKARD: Wellcome Trust Biomedical Ethics Clinical Research Fellow, University of Oxford

David RODIN (Deputy Director of the Uehiro Centre) : Co-director and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict (ELAC), University of Oxford

Anders SANDBERG: AXA Research Fund Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Owen SCHAEFER: Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Oxford Centre for Neuroethics 

Mark SHEEHAN: Oxford Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) Ethics Fellow at the Ethox Centre,  University of Oxford

Placements at other institutions

Joanna BURCH BROWN (James Martin Research Fellow - Institute for Science and Ethics, Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Lecturer, Bristol University

Matthew BAUM: MD-PhD, Petrie-Flom Center, Harvard University

Steve CLARKE (James Martin Research Fellow - Institute for Science and Ethics, Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Senior Research Fellow,CAPPE, Charles Sturt University

Will DAVIES (Research Fellow in Neuroethics -Oxford Loebel Lectures and Research Programme):  Lecturer, University of Birmingham

Alexandre ERLER: Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Montreal

Bennett FODDY (Deputy Director and James Martin Research Fellow - Institute for Science and Ethics, Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Associate Professor, New York University

Barbro FRODING (Oxford Uehiro Centre researcher): Senior Researcher, Division of Philosophy, Royal Institute of Technology KTH

Clare HEYWARD (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on "Geoengineering and Global Justice", Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick

Rafaela HILLERBRAND (Future of Humanity Institute Research Fellow): Director - Ethics for Energy Technology, RWTH Aachen University

Neil LEVY (James Martin Research Fellow - Institute for Science and Ethics): Head of Neuroethics, Florey Neurosciences Institutes

Matthew LIAO (Deputy Director - Institute for Science and Ethics): Clinical Associate Professor of Bioethics; Affiliated Professor of Philosophy, New York University

Eric MANDELBAUM (Future of Humanity Institute Researcher Fellow): Philosophy Faculty Fellow, Yale University

Francesca MINERVA (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Associate): McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Owen SCHAEFER (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

Russell POWELL (Science and Religious Conflict Project researcher): Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Boston University

Regina RINI (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Assistant Professor at the New York University Center for Bioethics; affiliate faculty member in the Medical Ethics division of the NYU Department of Population Health

Simon RIPPON (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow): Lecturer, Central European University, Budapest

Nicholas SHACKEL (Future of Humanity Institute postdoctoral Research Fellow): Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University

Nicholas SHEA (James Martin Research Fellow - Institute for Science and Ethics): Lecturer, Kings College London

Sylvia TERBECK (Oxford Uehiro Centre Research Fellow):  Permanent Lectureship, Plymouth University

Dominic WILKINSON: Australian National Health Medical Research Council Research Fellowship. His permanent academic post (as of January 2011) is Associate Professor in medical ethics, University of Adelaide; his clinical position is Consultant Neonatologist, Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide



Research Projects


Established in January 2009, The Oxford Centre for Neuroethics (hosted by the Uehiro Centre) aims to address concerns about the effects neuroscience and neurotechnologies will have on various aspects of human life. Its research focuses on five key areas: cognitive enhancement; borderline consciousness and severe neurological impairment; free will, responsibility and addiction; the neuroscience of morality and decision making; applied neuroethics. See project website. ahrc60x60

Science and Religious Conflict: The past decade has seen an explosion in empirical work on moral reasoning. We are coming to understand how people's moral judgments are shaped by interactions with others in their society. There are good reasons for thinking that people's moral judgements are mostly intuitive (recent empirical work by Jonathan Haidt and his collaborators supports this view) and that people's intuitions are powerfully shaped by the institutions around them, including religious institutions. Free resources on project webpages.   

ISEThe Institute for Science and Ethics was established in June 2005 with funding from the Oxford Martin School. It is a research project based within the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Philosophy and is directed by Professor Julian Savulescu. The project has a multidisciplinary team, which includes expertise in medicine, philosophy, practical ethics, sociology and psychology. See project website.

Volkswagen StiftungThe interdisciplinary research project Intuition and Emotion in Moral Decision Making: Empirical Research and Normative Implications is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation.  The project aims to elucidate the role of emotion and intuition in moral decision-making from an empirical, historical, and philosophical perspective. See project website.


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